Halving & Burn

A halving mechanisms will occur every 16 billion emitted KLX's. 
There are two burn mechanism in Kalima ecosystem, one for transactions on the MainChain and one for transactions on Privachains. 
These burn mechanisms complete the halving effect and contribute to controlling inflation.


KLX Token, Supply and Allocations

KLX is a native utility token used for transactions conducted through the Kalima Blockchain. 

It allows for IoT tokens and data to be published, sold and traded on an inter-chain data marketplace or on PrivaChain’s Dapps.


Merci pour votre envoi !

Initial Supply Usage

Kalima Token.png

KLX will first be an ERC20 and will then be bridged to the native KLX token in 2024 when the Kalima Platform launches.

Seed phase is completed with success : 1M€ of KLX.
• Private Sale starts now and will end at the end on January 2023 with an objective of 5M€.
• First Round of Public Sale will begin in February 2023 with an objective of 2M€.

Kalima Token.png