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An ecosystem of permissioned decentralized blockchains

Take on the Decentralized 
Enterprise & IoT Revolution with Kalima Protocol

Kalima Blockchain is the most powerful blockchain dedicated to the IoT, and the backbone of its global data network, fueled by KLX Token. Together we are building decentralized IoT networks for the people optimized to meet current and future global industry requirements.  

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Introducing the new era

of data monetization

Kalima brings client-side smart contracts, where users have full flexibility and freedom for designing their own contracts and develop their own decentralized applications themselves. 

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The ultimate token to interconnect people, devices and services

KLX is a native utility token used for transactions conducted through the Kalima Blockchain. It allows for IoT tokens and data to be published, sold and traded on an inter-chain data marketplace or on PrivaChain’s DApps. 


Limitless scalability for unlimited possibilities

Kalima introduces PrivaChains, a network of perssionned blockchain for users to manage any aspect of the user’s data, granting them full governance, privacy, and the possibility to monetize data. 


KLX Token

KLX will be first an ERC20 Token during the ICO and will become a KL20 when it will be bridged with the Kalima MainChain.

The ICO is planned for Q1 2023.


KLX Staking

Any holder of KLX that holds more than 100 000 KLX, (250€ of initial value) can stake KLX and earn associated rewards.​ By staking your KLX you will participate in the election of validators for the Kalima MainChain.  


Low Transaction Fees

Each transaction carried out on the Kalima network will generate transaction fees. These fees remain very low within the Kalima ecosystem and have an essential role.


KLX Validators

Every holder possessing over 0,2% of KLX in circulation can create their own staking pool so as to candidate to become a validator.

A « validator » is a candidate who has accumulated at least 1% of circulating KLX tokens in their staking pool. There will be a minimum of 50 validators.


Halving & Burn

A halving mechanisms will occur every 16 billion emitted KLX's. 
There are two burn mechanism in Kalima ecosystem, one for transactions on the MainChain and one for transactions on Privachains. 
These burn mechanisms complete the halving effect and contribute to controlling inflation.



KLX Token, Supply and Allocations

KLX is a native utility token used for transactions conducted through the Kalima Blockchain. 

It allows for IoT tokens and data to be published, sold and traded on an inter-chain data marketplace or on PrivaChain’s Dapps.

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Token : KLX (Erc-20) Kalima Coin

Total Supply : 480 000 000 000 KLX
Initial Supply : 160 000 000 000 KLX

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First KLX will be allocated to the team and advisors, Marketing and Grants for developers of the Kalima Community and the liquidity Pool.
13% of initial KLX emissions are dedicated to Grants
60% of future transactions fees will be allocated to Grants 

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Max Supply

Initial Supply Usage

KLX will first be an ERC20 and will then be bridged to the native KLX token in 2024 when the Kalima Platform launches.

Seed phase is completed with success : 1M€ of KLX.
• Private Sale starts now and will end at the end on January 2023 with an objective of 5M€.
• First Round of Public Sale will begin in February 2023 with an objective of 2M€.

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Glass Buildings
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Kalima Ecosystem is composed of

public and private chains.

Fast & Secured

Latency lower than 1s.
tx second / blockchain.

Client Side
Smart Contract

More scalability, security & freedom to the PrivaChains.

Mature & Scalable

Kalima is already used by many industries since few years.

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The most powerful blockchain dedicated to the IoT, optimized for Industry.


Use Cases & DApps

Kalima Blockchain is used by many industries everyday

Kalima is safer, faster, lower cost than the traditional industrial data manager tools. Kalima develops its own DApps dedicated to the Industry and has a very efficient development API which allows all independent developers

to develop DApps and parallel chains as well.

Major industries are already using Kalima Blockchain and IoT devices :

  • Enedis 1st electricty distribution in France.

  • ArcelorMittal The world's leading steel and mining company.

  • Tenneco One of the world leaders of automotive product.

  • Spie European leader specialized in electrical, mechanical and
    climatic engineering, energy and communication networks.

Interconnected objects and networks are used in global most important industries so the potential market of Kalima is really big and it grows everyday.

  • Industry Supply Chain Automotive, aeronautical…

  • Healthcare Industry Hospital, specialized medicine.

  • Energy Industry Nuclear, gas, oil, electricity ...

  • Financial Industry Payment system, payment apps.

  • Connected Infrastructures Smart city, smart buildings.

  • Identification System Recognizing systems, identification apps.

Kalima will be used by all these industries using IoT in few years.

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Workers using interconnected objects


Build a decentralized IoT network with gateways powered by Kalima Blockchain

Kalima Blockchain is installed on IoT gateways including LoRaWAN gateways around the world to create a new decentralized IoT network providing real world qualified data to the Kalima ecosystem.

Join Kalima and take part in this new decentralized IoT network to provide and monetize your data to the world.



Embedded Kalima in small IoT devices linked to the blockchain.

Open SDK

Allows developers to build Dapps in simple languages.

Low Energy

Kalima is developed to reduce energy consumption.


Kalima Blockchain is interconnected with: Tezos, ETH, BTC, Cosmos.

Up to


The Kalima Team has a strong experience in IoT & Blockchain

Team & Advisors


André Legendre


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Vincent Lhoste


Middle East


Jérôme Delaire Kalima.jpeg

Jérôme Delaire

Lead Blockchain Dev. 

Photo Julian Leue.jpeg

Julian Leue

Blockchain Business Developer

Yannick delibie.jpg

Yannick Delibie

ICO Advisor

Louis Germanicus Kalima.jpeg

Louis Germanicus

Blockchain Developer 

Photo Basile JANNOUN.jpeg

Basile Jannoun

Blockchain Business Developer

WhatsApp Image 2022-07-13 at 10.17.29.jpeg

Xavier Laurens

ICO Advisor

Farah Boukechiche.jpg

Farah Boukechiche

Blockchain Developer


Oscar Lhoste

Financial & ICO Advisor

Sébastien Choukroun Kalima.jpeg

Sébastien Choukroun

Financial & ICO Advisor

Abderrahman Sabiri.jpg

Abderrahman Sabiri

Blockchain Developer 

Audrey Blondel Kalima.JPG

Audrey Blondel

Communication Manager


Karthik Iyer

Financial & ICO Advisor

Léo Maurice Kalima.jpeg

Léo Maurice

Business Developer

Prisca Déméa Kalima.jpg

Prisca Déméa

Community Manager




Blockchain and industrial partners support Kalima

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