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Pre-bridge staking

Stake your KLX now to earn reward before the bridge

Staking ERC20 tokens will help build and secure the Kalima Network, creating a robust staking pool ahead of the launch of the Kalima MainChain.

The longer the tokens are staked, the bigger the reward will be, with a maximum return of 10%, for a maximum staking period, i.e. from February 2nd to the day of the launch of the bridge.

The rewards will be distributed monthly for 12 months from the bridge, for the launch of the Kalima MainChain and the swap of the KLX ERC20 to the native KLX. 

Tokens that aren’t staked before the bridge will not bring any reward. 



Be careful, if you declare a staking address on Kalima, any token transferred to another address will no longer count as stakedtokens when calculating rewards. 
In other words, if you declare a staking address on Kalima, only the tokens present on this address will be taken into account when distributing your reward.

To participate in the pre-bridge  staking, a KLX holder will simply have to declare a "staking address" on the link above "stake your KLX". A staking address is a polygon address holding ERC20 KLX. To declare the staking address you will simply have to enter your polygon address on the Kalima website.


Any token held at the time of the bridge will be considered as staked.

Stakers will be able to sell their token at any time, tokens are not locked on the staking address. If tokens are sold then


If a staker chooses to sell 50% of the tokens he holds on his staking address before the bridge, then the reward will only be calculated on the tokens he still holds at the time of the bridge.Stakers will also be able to transfer more KLX to their staking address at any time to increase the number of staked tokens, and therefore the associated reward. 

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