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Build your DApp and deploy your PrivaChain inspired by your ideas

 Join a thriving ecosystem of ambitious developers, revolutionary Dapps, and knowledgeable and driven community members and start design your project to connect the internet of things and blockchain. 

We are looking for partners to build innovative DApps on Kalima ecosystem, if you have an idea and you want to build next state of the art blockchain let’s connect together.

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Deploy your own PrivaChain with your own governance SaaS or on premise

Tokenize Physical enterprises and IoT Data and build innovative Business models

Build Next generation Dapps for enterprises and IoT

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Our Tools


The Kalima Systems Softawre Development Kit is the tool to build and test DApps on Kalima Blockchain.

Kalima SDK uses standard languages Java, C#, C, JavaScript, Python and Lua is compatible with Linux, Windows, Android and Mac OS.

Smart Contracts

We want to help developers creating their own token designed for their business model inspired by their ideas.

Kalima allows to deploy your own custom token to monetize your business models converting physical data into a liquid token tradable in the community.

Kalima provides Client-side Smart contract to all these networks and can run AI models in smart contracts. By 2025 80% of the processing and analysis of data will take place in smart connected objects, such as cars, home appliances or manufacturing robots, and in computing facilities close to the user (‘edge computing’).


Deploy your own Network

Launch your own blockchain fast and easily for a low cost. Build a next generation Multichain network scalable for business and industrial applications.

Create your own governance

You have full control on your governance choices.

Interconnect (or not) with other blockchains

You can connect with other galaxies of blockchain and public blockchains. Bring network together and create value with interconnection.

Start Building

Build new innovative Dapps with our tool and start engaging your community of users.


Merci pour votre envoi !

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