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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the $KLX ?

The KLX is the Kalima network Token, it is the backbone of the network use to monetize Dapps built on Kalima network, remunerate validators and to pay transaction fees.

Is the $KLX an ERC20 or a BEP20 Token ?

First, the $KLX is an ERC20 Token.

Then, the $KLX will be bridged to the Kalima Main Chain with is native KL20 token.

When is the Public ICO ?

The Kalima Public ICO will launch on the 01/02/2023.

Is there a Private Sale before the ICO  ?

Yes, the Kalima Private Sale will begin on the 01/05/2022.

Can I Stake my KLX  ?

Kalima has an open & fully decentralized delegated program, that will launch with the Kalima MainChain, after te ICO. Anyone who meets the minimum requirements is welcome to join. By staking your KLX on one of the staking pool, each one being associated with a candidate, you will participate in the election of validators for the Kalima main chain and you will earn associated remuneration.

Who are Kalima's partners ?

Kalima is surrounded by blockchain, industrial and loT partners such as :

Tezos, Kerlink, Enedis, RSComponent, Gicat, ArcelorMittal, Spie, La French Tech...

What is the difference between Kalima and other loT blockchains ?

From the technology to the tokenomics, Kalima has been designed for the needs of the industries,

 The monetization of the data is also a game-changer for the industries.

How long will the ICO tokens be vested ?

There is no vesting for the ICO tokens.

What is the Kalima Blockchain ?

An IoT-based industry, Kalima blockchain enables secure, fast, and efficient data collection, transmission, and storage. Through Kalima blockchain, the integrity of the data transmission and the immutability of data storage as well as the possibility of monetizing the collected data are guaranteed.

What is Kalima MainChain ?

The Kalima MainChain is a network of interconnected “Channels” where each Channel is a blockchain. Each channel connects together forming a network of blockchains called the Kalima MainChain. The KLX (Kalima network token) is stored in the Kalima MainChain..

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