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 Kalima is the most powerful blockchain ecosystem
designed for Industry and loT data.
Collect • Protect • Monetize
⌛KLX ICO in Q3 2022 ⌛


Partners Kalima x SPIE

Following a PoC aiming to optimizing the industrial maintenance process through the collection of production data, SPIE ICS has partnered with Kalima Blokchain to designed an IoT blockchain adapted to each industry.

Data Lakes

Kalima Blockchain provides Data Lakes which allow to have a vision on the authorized data of one or more blockchains in order to execute different types of analysis, dashboards, visualizations, statistics, data processing large or machine learning.
The goal is to have a clear view of the data. Significant time and efficiency savings for companies.


Smart Contract

Partners Kalima x 

Since 2021, Kalima Blockchain has been interconnected with Tezos.

This interconnection makes it possible to execute Tezos

Smart Contracts and transactions from Kalima Smart Contracts

and IoT devices. PrivaChain Public Blockchain opening the door

to many use cases.

Kalima Client Side SmartContract allows customers to freely interact with their PrivaChain without authorization or a lengthy validation process that can create delays in the industry. Moreover, a PrivaChain can be interconnected with others and with public chains.

Health Care

🔬 Les dispositifs IoT offrent un certain nombre de nouvelles possibilités aux professionnels de la santé pour surveiller les patients, ainsi qu'aux patients pour se surveiller eux-mêmes.

IoT devices offer a number of new opportunities for healthcare professionals to monitor patients, as well as for patients to monitor themselves. By extension, the variety of wearable IoT devices offers a range of benefits and challenges for both healthcare providers and their patients :

• Remote patient monitoring • Glucose • Heart rate

• Hand hygiene • Depression and mood • Parkinson's disease.

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Partners Kalima x 

Kalima work with Enedis since 2017. The Kalima infrastructure remote monitoring solution has been deployed on 11 substations. Kalima Blockchain guarantees secure and fast data transmission to anticipate incidents and allow rapid intervention.


Smart City


In certain use cases, Kalima Blockchain is installed on hardware in small devices like gateway for an end-to-end blockchain communication. Kalima is already effective in LoRaWan, Modbus and Hart gateways, ensuring the security of data collection, transmission and storage.

A SmartCity is a city using data and communication technologies to improve the quality of urban services or reduce their costs. Kalima Blockchain works hand-to-hand with Smart City players and partners. Kalima Blockchain and IoT Systems have a real importance on this market.


Partners Kalima x ArcelorMittal

Kalima Blockchain and ArcelorMittal

have been working together since 2021 on a Proof Of Concept and a prototype. Kalima Blockchain allows the collection of information on the IoT Hart and LoRaWAN protocols for operating sites security equipments for Health Safety Environment purposes.

Kalima Blockchain

Optimized for the Industry, Kalima Blockchain is a decentralized network of a MainChain and independent permissioned blockchains called Kalima PrivaChains. They can be interconnected to other PrivaChains but also to Public Chains. More freedom, security and speed.


Partners Kalima x Tenneco

Since 2012, Kalima’s mission for Tenneco, one of the world's leading automotive designers, manufacturers and marketers, is to collect, secure and transfer supply orders. We guarantee the security, traceability and availability of the orders.


Mobile Worker

Kalima technology is designed to optimize the intervention of mobile workers and infrastructure monitoring, to have a real time overview of any given site.

Data is immediately collected by the IoT systems and secured on the blockchain.

Then, they are transferred on mobile worker’s smartphone applications to allow rapid intervention on site thanks to a very low transmission delay.