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Episode #4 of the Use Cases series

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Digital Twin for Industry 4.0.

Digital Twin Blockchain

The principle of digital twins is based on a dynamic representation of a physical object or system. With the growth of connected objects and sensors, it is now possible to evaluate and transfer in real time all kinds of parameters. This collection of measurements adds elements to the digital twin which shows the evolution of its physical model from the beginning to the end of its life.

By collecting data from a production workshop via sensors and IoT equipment and transmitting this data to the blockchain, all this crucial information for decision making is certified to be complete, traceable and immutable.

Data Analysis

It's then possible to carry out studies and analyses to improve production data based on certified, secure and traceable data. The first artificial intelligence techniques can then be used, such as machine learning, to analyze a considerable amount of data in order to draw interpretations and knowledge from it to identify the causes of malfunctions and to predict events or behaviors.

Kalima's solution: Digital Twin Blockchain

The Kalima Blockchain, thanks to its ability to collect IoT data from the edge (at the level of sensors) and to transfer them to the blockchain, enables the implementation of a digital twin in a very simple and secure way.

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