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The role of SDK: DApps on Kalima Blockchain

Software Development Kit (SDK), also known as a devkit, is a simplified set of tools and instructions for developers to build applications on an operating system.

There are a number of resources that Kalima’s SDK has included in the toolkit:

-A compiler to translates computer code written in the source language into another target language.

-Code samples can be used as examples of web applications or web pages.

-Code libraries/frameworks to facilitate repetitive programming tasks.

-Documentation that serves as a reference for developers.

Kalima blockchain has developed an efficient SDK for developers to engage and develop their Decentralized Applications on its platform. Kalima platform lets you build your DApp and deploy your PrivaChain inspired by your ideas.

Kalima SDK uses standard languages like Java, C#, C, JavaScript, Python and Lua that are compatible with Linux, Windows, Android and Mac OS.

Kalima allows you to deploy your own network, create your own governance, interconnect with other blockchains and start building your own personalized DApps.

We, at Kalima, are building a thriving ecosystem of ambitious developers, revolutionary DApps, and knowledgeable community-driven members for businesses to start designing their projects to connect the internet of things and blockchain.

You can check out the details on Kalima’s GitHub:

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