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Which Kalima solutions are used in the real world?

​We have hundreds and thousands of conventional data management tools for industrial uses but their poor security, high costs and slow speed can be bothersome.

Kalima blockchain has developed a set of decentralized services for industrial data management focusing on providing high security and faster speed while keeping the costs at a minimum.

Our platform allows businesses to develop their own DApps dedicated to their specific businesses by providing highly efficient development APIs. This allows companies to easily deploy their DApps and PrivaChains on Kalima blockchain.

Here are some of the companies using Kalima blockchain for real world solutions:

-Enedis: 1st electricity distributor in France.

-ArcelorMittal: The world’s leading steel and mining company.

-Tenneco: One of the world leaders of automotive products.

-Spie: European leader specialized in electrical, mechanical and climatic engineering, energy and communication networks.

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