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Happy New Year!

This New Year message gives us the opportunity to look back on this complicated but very exciting year that 2023 will have been.


Kalima Blockchain will have experienced a full year which saw the launch of the KLX (Kalima Blockchain Token) on the Bitmart platform at the beginning of February 2023, then the switch to Uniswap at the end of July. Also note the signing of the Token Line contract with ABO Digital (

To date, the KLX Token is not tradable; KLX is in fact on a single sided pool and the token will become tradable again when market conditions are favorable.


During Q3, we made the decision to focus on commercial traction with the aim of having contract signatures in early 2024. We thus simplified our speech and put our focus on Secure Cloud Storage. Our entry point into the market is now based on Secure Cloud Storage ( Indeed, Kalima provides a real differentiating element: a Proof of Origin (PoO). This PoO provides an increased level of security by guaranteeing the authenticity, immutability of data and management of its life cycle.

Kalima being capable of managing any type of data, we therefore present in the background of our commercial discourse our capabilities to offer IoT solutions, IoT data collection, Smart Contract at the edge, Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the edge. edge, and smart rewards (Smart Rewarding).


We are now glad to confirm that Kalima Blockchain is registered with the startup programs of AWS, Microsoft Azur and OVH Cloud (for the sovereign Cloud side in France).


We are increasing our efforts on our ability to bring our MVP for secure management of critical business data to “production level”, particularly the user interface. A KLX/ETH pair was created on Arbitrum ( in order to reduce transaction costs and bring them into line with our economic model based on transaction fees and storage fees. We are planning the interconnection between Kalima and Arbitrum for 2024.


Hoping that 2024 will be a year of commercial success for Kalima in this period where blockchain and the management of critical data are becoming more and more important (


The whole Kalima team wishes you an excellent new year 2024!

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