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The advantages of Secure Cloud Storage based on blockchain technology

Updated: Mar 1

Companies must have a secure way to manage their critical data and be able to “step outside the 4 walls” to communicate with their partners, customers and suppliers. Secure blockchain-based cloud storage can provide several significant benefits, including:

  • Enhanced Security: Blockchain offers advanced security mechanisms, such as data immutability, strong cryptography, and decentralization, thereby enhancing the security of data stored in the cloud.

  • Data Integrity: Data stored on a blockchain is immutable, meaning it cannot be altered once recorded. This ensures data integrity and allows all changes to be traced.

  • Transparency and Traceability: Blockchain technology offers complete data traceability, allowing every transaction or modification to be tracked, reinforcing transparency and trust.

  • Decentralized Control: The decentralization inherent in blockchain means there is no single point of failure. This reduces the risk of cyberattacks targeting a single centralized storage point.

  • Automation with Smart Contracts: Smart contracts can automate rules and processes related to data storage, enabling conditional access, programmable security policies and automated management.

  • Privacy: Blockchain technologies can enable greater control over users' privacy, limiting access to data and only disclosing necessary information.

  • Reduction of Intermediary Fees: Blockchain helps reduce costs related to third-party intermediaries, because it operates on a decentralized peer-to-peer system.

  • Regulatory Compliance: The traceability and immutability of data on blockchain can help businesses more easily meet regulatory requirements for data storage and management.

  • Trust and Reputation: Offering secure blockchain-based cloud storage can build customer trust by demonstrating a commitment to data security and the adoption of innovative technologies.

  • Innovation and Differentiation: Marketing a blockchain-based secure cloud storage solution can be seen as a technological innovation, helping to differentiate in a competitive market.

These benefits are points that should not be ignored, especially for businesses sensitive to data security and regulatory compliance. Kalima Blockchain offers Secure Cloud Storage solutions for critical data with Proof of Origin. Leveraging blockchain technology for data security offering a solution with “register” value, which guarantees the authenticity, immutability, origin, life cycle management and complete traceability of critical data. This SAS offer benefits from the advantages of optimal security without having the disadvantages of the complexity linked to the blockchain.

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