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How to participate in Kalima Blockchain’s €100 000 developer Airdrop?

Kalima Blockchain is launching a Developer Airdrop which in order to support its developer community. Participants will be asked to create practical decentralized applications (dApps) hosted on the Kalima Blockchain for a chance to win rewards in Kalima’s native coin, the KLX.

The developer reward token pool for the Developer Airdrop is 400 million KLX, worth €100 000. This amount is allocated proportionally based on the achievements of the top five (5) top participants.

1st place : €35 000 KLX

2nd place : €25 000 KLX

3rd place : €20 000 KLX

4th place : €10 000 KLX

5th place : €10 000 KLX

1st Step : Fill out the registration Kalima developer Airdrop form

To be able to compete in the Kalima developer Airdrop, you will need to fill out the registration form available here, or on the Kalima website

Fill out the form rigorously. Keep in mind you may need this form for later submissions.

2nd Step : Follow the instructions sent to you via mail

After filling out the form, you will receive an authorization and instructions to develop on the Kalima Blockchain.

Follow these instructions carefully throughout the process.

3rd Step : Consult Kalima’s Technical documentation to start building your dApp

In order to properly build a dApp on the Kalima Blockchain Network, you might want to take a look at Kalima’s technical documentation.

You will find technical documentation to build your application available here, in our kalima technical documentation website :

4th Step : Visit the Kalima GitHub

As a developer, you will need to go on the Kalima GitHub, and consult our tutorials to better understand how building on Kalima works.

Visit Kalima’s GitHub to get started with tutorials :

5th Step : Build a dApp which fits into one of the following categories

Build a software application/dApp on the Kalima blockchain that fits into one of the following categories :

· Embedded blockchain project

· Multichain using Kalima as second layer for Tezos or Lightning Network

· Smart rewarding systems (e.g., Indoor air quality Smart Rewarding)

· Auditable Data (i.e., carbon tracking)

· Physical NFTs

6th Step : Create a 3-10 minutes-long video explaining your dApp

Create a 3-10 minutes-long video tutorial which explains your project and how it works (the goal is for somebody watching the tutorial to be able to understand, replicate and use your dApp).

7th Step : Upload your video on YouTube and share it in the form

Upload it on YouTube and insert the YouTube video link in the Airdrop registration form.

Once you went through this process, all you will have to do is wait on the decision made by the Kalima jury. Don’t hesitate to go the extra mile by tweeting about your creation with the #KalimaAirdrop, generating interest may showcase the relevance of your accomplishment and grant you more points!

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